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Who we are.

At Extreme Foundation Repair we are one of only a few foundation companies in the Houston area with extensive experience in LIFTING or ELEVATING homes. We recently spent time and resources in the New Orleans area, shoring, leveling and repairing foundations for the "Road Home Program," a federally funded program which helps displaced home owners from hurricanes RITA and KATRINA by raising their homes per the guidelines set forth by the ARMY Corp of Engineers. Extreme Foundation Repair has proudly helped to rehabilitate the Gulf Coast through aiding communities with home elevations and foundation repair projects.

When you contact Extreme Foundation Repair you are connected to the foremost experts in the foundation repair industry. Our repair specialists have completed hundreds of projects for homeowners and businesses across the Texas and Louisiana gulf coast area. We commit ourselvesĀ to go beyond what our clients expect. It is this kind of trust we seek to build with our customers, and believe it is the key to our success as a company. Our inspection, repair, and installation crews are industry-leading examples of professionalism, efficiency, and expertise, which is only possible through our 30+ years of experience


What we know.


  • expansive clay soils common to Texas
  • extended periods of dry weather, this causes the soil under the foundation to shrink
  • heavy rains can cause this expansive soil to swell--putting stress on the foundation
  • large tree roots near the foundation can draw the water out of the soil, causing the soil to shrink
  • water and sewer line leaks under the foundation
  • structural failures due to improper construction


  • rotting sill and bond beams
  • settlement of piers
  • settlement of pilings
  • settlement of bases under piers
  • termite damage
  • water damage
  • structural failure

What we'll do.

  • Accurately inspect your home's foundation
  • Evaluate our findings to determine how best to correct any issues you may have
  • Provide you with a written evaluation to allow you, the property owner, to make an informed decision , with no hype, no pressure.
  • Offer you time proven solutions to repair your home or business
  • Foundation Repairs
  • PIER & Beam Repairs
  • Structural Corrections
  • Leveling and Stabilizing
  • Home Drainage Problems


*For our customers protection and peace of mind Extreme Foundation Repair uses an independent third party licensed engineer to ensure that all of our work meets the highest trade standards possible.
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