Extreme Piers

chartONLY-461x443The Extreme Pier System was developed to provide the best repair method for the expansive clay soils in Texas. Truly, this is the Evolution of Pressed Pier foundation repair. By combining proven industry standard pressed pier techniques with new cutting edge technologies we have developed the optimal pressed pier system.

The use of engineered structural concrete cylinders, steel connecting rods, pile guard alignment couplings (as required), all bonded together with the latest concrete bonding technologies result in a segmented pier stronger than the individual components. The use of steel connecting rods and alignment couplings insures our piers are driven vertically. The vertical driven piers are paramount in achieving the proper stabilization of any concrete slab foundation.

The application of the bonding compound permanently adheres the segment cylinders together resulting in a “composite” pier of optimal strength. In fact, the concrete bonding compound has been laboratory tested to be stronger than the concrete being bonded. These composite piers are then bonded to the foundation itself. By bonding the cylinders together the bonding the pier to the foundation we prevent friction settlement of the cylinders.

The steel connecting rods and alignment couplings insure there is no horizontal movement of the cylinder piers. Thereby maintaining the integrity of the pier.

  • Only technicians trained in The Extreme Pier System are used on our projects. And all projects are overseen by a member of management.
  • The combination these methods and technologies guarantee the structural integrity of our foundation repair system.
  • The Extreme Pier System—the evolution of foundation pier repair.
Most companies try to sell you one system -
their preferred system.

All our work includes a transferable lifetime guarantee. We developed the EXTREME REPAIR SYSTEM, featuring our Extreme Foundation Repair is an expert in all recognized types of foundation repair methods in Texas and Louisiana. Exclusive EXTREME PIER system- matched to your soil types, specific project requirement and professionally installed by Extreme's professionally trained installers. This means you get the best pier, the best repair and best value for your dollar. GUARANTEED.

When it comes to your home's foundation repair, trust in Extreme Foundation Repair.

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